Wyvern Woods

The Wyvern Woods are a very large region of thick woodland and forest which takes several days to traverse in any direction. The Witchmarsh lies to the north, the Glacial Valley to the east, Starling Coast and Starling Fields to the south, and Rocky Plains to the southwest.

Thought to be haunted, these woods are home to standard wild animals, the occasional wandering undead, scouting orc party, and a few different sites.


The Abandoned Fort

About a day’s walk from Aberwyvern lies an abandoned fort on the edge of the river Wyvern and one of its tributaries. It is well fortified and easily defended, though it is missing one of its major gates. Last occupied by orcs, who were driven off by a party of explorers from Aberwyvern. As far as anyone knows, it now lies empty.

The River Crossing

About another days walk west from the fort lies a smaller tower overlooking a bridge across the River Wyvern. It is the same architectural style as the fort, and contains old equipment marked with the signs of the old human empire.

The Hydra Den

About half a day from the River Crossing lies a small pond which rests partially under a hill in a cave. In the cave lives a hydra, killer of the first explorer from Stone.

Dwarven Burial Cairn

A short walk from the Hydra den is an ancient dwarven burial cairn, home to a number of simple traps guarding a few treasures, which were happily looted by explorers.

The Hillspring

Located half a day’s walk north from the Abandoned fort, the Hillspring, true to its name, hold as spring of water on top of a hill. In addition, there is a small cave around the spring, wherein lied an owlbear nest, until explorers from Stone killed the inhabitants. The hillspring offers a very good lookout point over the land.

Ancient Statue

On the top of a hill about a day from Aberwyvern lies a large statue of a king with his hand outstretched towards the mountains west of it. At its base, carved into the stone, somewhat recently by the looks of it, is the inscription: "Grasp the hand of the king and his jewels will embrace you.

Crumbling Mine

On the far side of the statue hill there is a small mine dug into the side of the hill. It looks as though no one has entered in ages.

Logging Camp

Where the Wyvern Woods meets the Starling Fields, a small logging camp is based around the edge of a pond. There are a number of small shacks where the loggers spent the season. A flock of feral chickens has taken up residence in the cabins.

Haunted Castle

Where the Wyvern Woods meets the Glacial Valley, there is a small town, watched over by the crumbling remains of a castle. Inside the castle and surrounding town, the party found a huge number of undead skeletons and zombies. After an assault on the fortification, the party discovered a necromancer’s assistant seeing over the operations. It appeared that the necromancer herself (Sakrieri), had gone to the northeast, toThe Witchmarsh to further investigate a white flower she had found there. She had come afoul of a “scummy cyclops” that she sought to confront.

The Battlefield

Right on the border between the Wyvern Woods and the Glacial Valley lies an immense battleground, the site of a huge clash between the forces of the human empire and the dwarf-tiefling alliance, featuring minotaurs. This was the source of most of the skeletons and zombies found at the Haunted Castle.

Wyvern Woods

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