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Hargang the Thrasher

A hunting party of orcs was taking shelter in an old fort, attacking any explorers on sight. The explorers routed them, and the only survivor was Hargang the Thrasher, their leader who survived a three-storey fall. He headed west from the fort, towards the Rocky Plains.

Hydra Den

This is where Gimble, the delightful gnome sorcerer met his bitter end. Who knows what lies behind the Hydra that guards this cave?

Basilisk Below a Coastal Citadel

This basilisk sleeps at the bottom of a cave system beneath a coastal citadel, guarding a large sunstone. A group of fish-people seem to worship it, sacrificing themselves to it.

Missing Necromancer

Signs point to her having gone up to The Witchmarsh and never returning.

White Flowers

On touching them with bare skin, you become “infected.: In ”/wikis/The%20Witchmarsh/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>The Witchmarsh, anyone who isn’t "infected is assaulted by plant-monsters until they are infected.

Kobolds and a Dragon versus Dwarves and Tieflings

A horde of kobolds and giant spiders, led by a giant black dragon made of rock was laying siege to the capital of the Glacial Valley, last you heard. It’s been a few months, and things are probably more grim than when you left it.

Box of Neverending Rats

In the bottom of a mine in the Glacial Valley, in the nest of an Umber Hulk, you discovered a brown box with an almost elven script on it. Sounding out the words, it opened up, releasing one giant rat after another. The problem was solved by simply smashing the box, but now you’ve found another similarly-enscripted box, this one in blue, resting in the lair of a displacer beast on Cloud Island. It remains unopened.

Story Threads

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