Religion throughout the West Marches seems to be centred around 3 key Gods, Ara, Qor, and Fel.


Ara is the goddess of creation. She formed the land and the sea, and the plants and animals upon it. She is seen as the goddess of nature, but also the goddess of life and death.


Qor is one of the two sons of Ara, and the creator of sentient creatures. He made the humans, the elves, the the dwarves, the orcs, the goblins, all of them. He shares the life domain with Ara, but also the tempest domain – he deals in the raw power and chaos of life.


Fel is Qor’s older brother, who saw the mess Qor made when he placed all the races on the West Marches. The races were all like animals, imitations of the creatures that Ara had placed over the land. Fel didn’t create anything, but taught the races of civilization: how to build cities, keep laws, and maintain justice and dominion over their bestial nature. Certain races fell into it easier than others.

Priests and Priestesses

Typically, lay-followers of the three gods follow all three at once – not favouring one over the other. One would pray to Ara for their crops, Qor for their family, and Fel for their city’s prosperity. That said, there are those who favour one over the other two, and make it their life’s mission to serve that god completely. These priests of Ara typically resemble druids, priests of Qor are typically warriors, and priests of Fel are scholars.


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